22 Best Beach Chairs for All Your Lounging Needs in 2022


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When you’re hanging out at the beach, lying on a towel is fine (more than fine—you’re at the beach!), but you can add comfort and convenience by upgrading to a beach chair. Whether you’re enjoying a bucket-list vacation, a spontaneous day trip, or just hanging out in your backyard or porch, a good beach chair will get you off the ground, and give you a handy place for your favorite beverage.

We’d probably all prefer to be in a beach chair right now than whatever chair we’re currently sitting on, so let’s daydream a bit while considering the options. Some beach chairs have a single position for sitting more or less upright, while others have four or five reclining settings. Some models let you stretch out your legs on the sand, others are higher off the ground, and some are long enough to lie down on after that long swim.

Standard features include the all-important cupholder, a bag for carrying the chair when it’s folded, and a typical weight capacity of 250–300 pounds. Extras include a sunshade or canopy (so you can ditch that beach umbrella!), a cooler compartment for drinks, storage pockets, a padded headrest, and lower back support.

If you’re not a frequent beachgoer, note that most beach chairs can do double-duty. Take them on camping trips, relax in your backyard or on your apartment balcony, and bring them to outdoor concerts when you’d rather not sit on the ground.

Here are the best beach chairs to add comfort and convenience to your next vacation.

Best classic beach chairs

ll bean

L.L.Bean Backpack Beach Chair — $89.00

L.L.Bean’s huge variety of outdoor products and gear includes beach chairs, and this one is touted as “the most comfortable and convenient folding beach chair” the company has ever made. It’s made with a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame and has four reclining positions to ensure your comfort. The chair is easy to fold and unfold, and it has backpack straps for easy carrying. Bonus: L.L.Bean’s famous return policy offers a refund for items you’re not “100% satisfied with”—for up to a year after purchase.

This chair has a 3.9-star rating, and one of the reviews reads, “We purchased two backpack beach chairs this summer for a week-long family beach vacation. The chairs proved sturdy, comfortable, and portable.”


Neso Beach Chair (Set of 2) — $115.00

We’ve recommended Neso’s sunshade before, and here’s the brand’s equally worthy beach chair. (Fun fact: Neso’s products are sold in 57 countries, so apparently they’re working on world domination.) One of the nice features here is the variety of colors available; blue seems to be the default color for beach chairs, but this canvas model offers fun prints like flamingos, stripes, and whales. (It’s the little things sometimes, right?) The chair is easily portable, as it weighs less than 5 pounds and folds to 4 inches wide; plus it’s water-resistant and rustproof. It holds up to 210 pounds.

A satisfied reviewer shared, “I couldn’t be happier with these beach chairs. They are sturdy, well made, super light to carry and I love the size and the low positioning—very comfortable.”


CLIQ Camping Chair — $85.00

This crowdfunded chair (unusual, no?) is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that’s rustproof and scratch-resistant. It weighs only 3.5 pounds (!) but can hold up to 300, and it’s tip-proof with rubber feet for added stability. While CLIQ promises that you can set up this chair in only five seconds, reviewers say that may be overselling it a bit. (But do you really need your chair to open that quickly if you’re not in a chair-unfolding race?) Still, it’s easy to open and close with the push of a button, and it folds to be incredibly small. The chair also comes in several colors. Note that the carrying bag is sold separately; this bag actually holds two.

One of the almost 2,500 5-star reviews reads, “After six months this chair has done all we have asked of it from the mountains to beach side in sand. Great product and super compact.”


Ostrich On Your Back Chair — $72.00

So the name of this chair is kind of an odd choice (comfortable-sounding, it’s not), but it’s designed to be super comfy, with five adjustable positions, a generous width, and a pillow for your head—as well as a handy cupholder. This beach chair only weighs 10 lbs. but supports up to 325. One convenient feature is the opening for your face (like the ones on massage tables) plus two places to put your arms through—perfect for the times you want to lie face down. When you’re ready to pack up and go home, the backpack straps will leave your hands free to carry other items.

One reviewer who noted that strangers often ask where he and his wife got their unique chairs also shared these words of wisdom: “Honestly don’t waste your time buying crap—get this chair.” There you have it!

nice c low

Nice C Low Beach Chair (Set of 2) — $76.00

The best feature of this beach chair might be the mesh panel that lets air circulate around your body. The chair is made from a heavy-duty steel frame and extra-durable, 1,000-denier polyester fabric. It has arm cushions, a cupholder, and caps on the feet that are designed not to sink in sand. The chair weighs a bit over 6 pounds, folds to 4.5 inches wide, and holds up to 300 pounds—and it’s easy to set up and to fold to carry in its drawstring bag

One of the hundreds of 5-star reviews shared, “These chairs are lightweight, easy to take out, open up and close and put back. … These are angled perfectly so you can lounge comfortable for hours.”

rio 4

RIO Rio 4-Position Highboy Beach Chair — $60.00

RIO isn’t exactly a household name, but the company has been making beach and backyard furniture since 1947, so they surely know what they’re doing. This beach chair has a high back that reclines to four positions, a generous seat width of 26”, and a weight capacity of 250 pounds. The aluminum frame is lightweight and rustproof, and the durable fabric dries quickly. (Because even when it’s hot out, no one likes sitting in a wet chair!) This chair also has a cupholder, phone holder, and a storage bag with a carrying strap, while the adjustable back has a bracket that’s designed not to pinch your fingers.

One happy customer shared, “The chair is lightweight and the carry strap makes it easy to carry down to the beach. It is comfortable, strong & durable and I love the color.”

life is good

Life Is Good Beach Chair — $119.00

Life Is Good makes a lot more than those classic, cheerful T-shirts. This beach chair has a rare but welcome feature: It has two height options, Short (a model that’s low to the ground) and Tall (higher off the ground). It also has fun Life Is Good-typical designs, like a blue chair with a turtle, and a yellow chair with a daisy. The splurge-y price of this chair comes from its multiple features, some of which are uncommon among beach chairs: a five-position backrest, oversized seat, two large drink holders, adjustable headrest, removable cooler bag, and a small removable storage bag.

One reviewer noted, “Just finished my first beach trip and everyone wanted to sit in my chair! Love the built in dual cup holders and detachable pouch to keep phone and sunglasses in.”


STRONGBACK Lumbar Support Beach Chair — $100.00

The unusual design of this durable and comfortable chair is designed to provide lumbar support to align your back and hips and ease tension. (Note that it doesn’t recline like some beach chairs.) What’s also unusual is its 2-year warranty—definitely not typical for one of these chairs! Other features include padded armrests, a cupholder, wide feet that are designed not to sink in sand, and a backpack-style carrying bag. This chair supports up to 300 pounds and is available in black, blue, lime green, and camo.

One satisfied customer wrote, “I go to the beach a few times a week living in Southern California, and this chair has been my trusty sidekick. … This chair is one of the best purchases I’ve made over the past year.”


Pacific Pass Lightweight Camp and Beach Chair — $43.00

If you’re looking for a basic, no-frills beach chair that’s under 50 bucks, this could be the perfect chair for your next vacation. At only 6.5 pounds, it’s made with a sturdy steel frame covered with durable ripstop fabric, and it can support up to 250 pounds. It includes a cupholder and a medium-sized seatback pocket, and it’s easily portable with the included drawstring carrying bag.

One 5-star review read, “This is perfect for those who want to stretch out as close to the sand/surface as possible while still sitting up somewhat. Great value, great price, and great ease in use.” (Another reviewer noted that they actually bought the chair for their dog—but unfortunately, they didn’t share a pic!)


Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Sling Chair — $43.00

While this chair is made by Coleman—and has the company’s camping lantern logo on the top—it’s a beach chair first and foremost. And at 5.3 pounds, it’s pretty light for a beach chair, too, although its steel frame supports up to 250 pounds. It’s a basic model as these chairs go, but if you’re seeking something affordable that’s still well made, it’s a great choice. It’s also just right if you like a low chair that lets you stretch out your legs. This chair has a cupholder and a very handy pocket on the back, plus a carrying bag. Coleman offers a 1-year limited warranty.

Here’s one of the more than 3,000 5-star ratings: “Love these chairs!!! … They fold up easily and are very compact and easy to carry/pack, just throw it on your shoulder with the strap on the bag and your hands are free to carry other things!”

Best beach chairs with a canopy

quik shade

Quik Shade Beach Chair — $51.00

If you could call a beach chair “customizable,” it would be this one. Its sunshade is adjustable, as is its reclining seat (to three positions), and the included cushion can be raised to serve as a headrest or lowered to provide lower back support. This affordable chair also features a breathable mesh back and seat to cool you down, a mesh pocket to hold small items, and wide backpack straps to make the chair easy to carry when folded. The steel frame has a capacity of 300 pounds.

One 5-star review reads, “This company has exceeded over & above with this product. I’ve never seen a beach chair with half of these things on it. … This is a 10+.”


GYMAX Canopy Beach Chair — $73.00

You can tell from the crisscrossing steel bars underneath the seat of this beach chair that it’s strong and sturdy—and it supports up to 265 pounds, in fact. The material (there are red and navy options) is a water-resistant and durable 600-denier fabric. This chair’s best feature, if you’re not a sit-in-the-sun-for-hours kind of person, is the canopy (with a cute little scalloped edge) that will keep you sitting comfortably in the shade. (Remember that you can still get sunburned in the shade, so slather on that SPF!) Note that the sunshade isn’t removable like some others. This chair folds easily, comes with a carrying bag, and has a cupholder on each armrest.

One happy customer shared, “Love this chair. It’s sturdy and comfortable. I weigh 250 lbs. and it’s holding up. Provides the needed shade. Everyone that sees it wants one.”


Mainstays Reclining Beach Chair — $52.00

Here’s a beach chair with a canopy for sun protection, as well as three reclining positions, a padded headrest, and wooden armrests. (Note that the canopy makes this chair heavier than some, at 8.6 pounds.) The aluminum frame is rustproof and lightweight, the fabric is weather-resistant and durable, and the chair holds up to 225 pounds. Besides a cupholder and back mesh storage pocket, this chair has adjustable backpack carrying straps.

Here’s an excerpt from one happy customer’s review: “LOVE this beach chair!!! … The features are amazing: removable canopy, head rest, drink holder, and straps to carry it like a backpack so you can be hands free!!”


Costway Foldable Beach Chair — $73.00

This beach chair has a large, removable sunshade to protect skin from the sun’s rays. It even adjusts 360 degrees. Some other things the chair has to offer include a foldable footrest, anti-rust steel frame, a side pocket, adjustable backrest (with five positions!), and a storage bag. While it’s a very long chair, it folds shut (hence the storage bag) and weighs 15 pounds, which isn’t bad for its size. It’s available in blue, beige, and black and has a 90-day warranty.

One happy reviewer wrote, “I like that this chair is in the color black, comfortable, lightweight, folds up flat, fits in my trunk, sturdy, well made, and nice quality.”


Kelsyus SwimWays Original Canopy Chair — $83.00

Not only does this chair’s canopy shade you from the sun (with UPF 50+ sun protection!), but it easily converts to a carrying case—and the case has a shoulder strap to make it easy to tote the chair around. The canopy can be locked up or down, depending on how much sun you’re in the mood for. The chair has a mesh cupholder, a generously sized seat, and a powder-coated steel frame that can support up to 250 pounds.

In one of the more than 2,000 5-star reviews, a super enthusiastic customer noted, “This chair has changed my beach life. It’s enabled me to go to the beach soooo many times this summer because I know that no matter how hot or sunny, I have my chair! … Best beach purchase of my life. Highly recommended!!”

Easiest-to-fold beach chairs

rio folding up chair

RIO BEACH Lace-Up Folding Beach Chair — $60.00

The unusual lace-up design of this beach chair is designed to provide some give while you’re sitting in it. Other comfort features include its four reclining positions and the headrest pillow. The chair has a rustproof aluminum frame, a large storage pouch on the back, a flexible cupholder, and backpack shoulder straps for carrying it hands free. The weight limit is 240 pounds. This chair’s colorways include lime green and a multicolored stripe, and prices vary by color/print.

One 5-star review reads, “The best beach chair there is. I’m able to carry my towel, a few drinks, sunscreen and a blanket in the storage area. Unfolds easily. … Everyone is jealous of it. Highly recommended.”


Kijaro Coast Folding Beach Chair with Cooler — $43.00

You get a ton of features with this beach chair, including two cupholders, a little built-in cooler for storing even more drinks, a detachable organizer to keep small items dry, a detachable pillow headrest, and a carrying bag. At just 6.6 pounds, it holds up to 300, and it comes in six fun, bright colors. Almost all of the seat and backrest is made from mesh fabric to let air circulate, and the rest is durable, ripstop fabric on a rust-resistant frame.

One happy customer wrote, “The back and bottom is breathable heavy duty mesh which makes a huge difference on hot/humid days. Spent a very comfortable 3 hrs. in this chair. Purchased 1 for myself (115 lbs.) and 1 for my husband (220 lbs.). We both were very comfortable.”

GCI chair

GCI Outdoor Backpack Beach Chair — $55.00

This chair from GCI Outdoor boasts what looks like one of the cushiest headrests out there. The chair is also ready to hold whatever you need, with its drawstring cupholder, a phone pouch, and a large drawstring pocket on the back—plus backpack straps for carrying it. The backrest adjusts to four positions, and part of it is mesh to cool you down a bit on a hot beach day. The chair has a powder-coated steel/aluminum frame and can hold up to 250 pounds. It’s available in bright pink (a rare color for beach chairs—why?) and bright blue

A 5-star review reads, “The pocket on the back was roomy enough for me to fit two thick beach towels! This chair was sturdy but surprisingly lightweight. It also folds up very easy. It was perfect for me and exceeded my expectations. Love this beach chair!”

true places

True Places Emmett Folding Chair — $149.00

Super lightweight and portable, the Emmett Chair is super easy to take with on day trips without it being a total hassle. Thanks to its patent-pending folding design as well as its TrueFlex™ outdoor-friendly fabric, you probably won’t find a more comfortable lightweight beach chair around. Made of aerospace-grade aluminum, this chair features a moveable cupholder, carrying bag, bag hooks, bottle opens under the arms, and more. Also, it’s really dang cute.


Best heavy duty beach chairs


Copa Big Papa Heavy Duty Beach Chair — $135.00

A bit of a splurge for a beach chair at $135, this chair does have a lot to offer, including four reclining positions, a padded headrest, and solid hardwood armrests. (That last one is pretty rare for beach chairs.) Also, with its extra-wide sitting area and 300-pound capacity, it’s designed to be “the ultimate beach chair for the Big Guy”—or you know, someone of any gender who’s looking for a larger-than-average chair. Other features include a mesh storage area at the bottom of the chair, an attached pouch that keeps your phone dry, and a phone holder and cupholder, one in each armrest.

One of the many 5-star ratings reads, “I love my new beach chair! One of the best online purchases I have made. This is definitely a chair that will last for years! I recommend to anyone that loves the beach!”

ostrich deluxe

Ostrich Deluxe Beach Chair — $99.00

The “deluxe” in this beach chair’s name seems appropriate, as it has lots of features: five adjustable chair positions, three adjustable footrest positions, a padded seat and padded footrest, a pillow for your lower back, and wooden armrests. It also has an opening to place your face into so that you can lie down on your stomach comfortably, as well as places for your arms to go through. (Just make sure to slather sunscreen on your back!) The chair holds up to 275 pounds and is available in blue (the lowest price), lime green, pink, red, and “teal” (more like a sea green).

One of the hundreds of 5-star reviews called this chair “The Cadillac of beach chairs,” while in keeping with the automotive theme, another said it’s “the Rolls-Royce of beach chairs!”

king camp

KingCamp Low Beach Chairs — $55.00

Yes, this beach chair is made by a company called KingCamp, but it’s also designed for the beach, not just campsites. This affordable chair sets up easily and has a wider-than-average seat at a low height, plus a cupholder. It can hold up to 300 pounds with its heavy-duty steel frame, and it’s made with 600-denier polyester, which is known for its strength and durability. At 6.6 pounds, the chair folds up to 5 inches wide and is easy to carry with the shoulder strap on the included bag.

One of the more than 3,800 5-star reviews notes, “Look no further for a truly lightweight, sturdy and comfortable folding chair.” P.S. Make sure to see the customer-provided photo featuring a cute Siberian Husky just chilling in the chair.

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