Why I Drink Beer, an E-book Sale, + We’re Hiring!


I’m going to Denver tomorrow and I’m super excited about it. Mark and I are going to see two of our favorite bands play — Dispatch and Guster at Red Rocks and spend some quality time together in the mountains. His crazy busy season at work is finally over and I can’t wait to just chill for the weekend. Before I take the next 3 days off, I wanted to discuss a few things!

Why I Drink Beer

Lately I’ve been feeling more like a 20 year old than I ever have. I’ve been staying up later and drinking more BEER than ever (probs like 3 or 4 nights a week). Guess what? IT IS OKAY. Back in 2010/2011 when I was mid-eating disorder, I was mortified to have a single drink or stay up late because it “wasn’t healthy.” I thought alcohol (especially beer) made you fat and I wasn’t going waste my calories on that (because I counted them all). Today my mindset has completely shifted and after years of telling myself I didn’t like beer when I was really just afraid to drink it, I finally LOVE it and want to tell the entire world about it.

Why I Drink Beer, an E-book Sale, + We're Hiring!

After years of restriction and being “overly” healthy, I am finally in a place to understand ALL food and drink are okay and guess what? I like beer. I like the way it tastes. I prefer a beer buzz over a wine/hard alcohol buzz. And I don’t give a shit how many calories is in it! If you truly live a healthy lifestyle then nothing should be off limits no matter how many calories is in it or how many grams of sugar it contains. 1 beer, 2 beers, or even 3 beers is not going to make you gain weight when you’re eating healthy most of the time and most importantly, you should not feel an ounce of shame drinking it!

What’s helped me come to this realization is surrounding myself with normal eaters and drinkers. AKA my entire family, friends, and MARK love beer so it wasn’t hard to convince me that I actually enjoy it too. I also love the micro brew atmosphere. The bar scene was never for me, but breweries have a completely different vibe and it’s totally me. I’d say I’m still new to beer drinking, but my palate is definitely expanding. I love wheats, sours, saisons, kolsches, and kirshes. I’m still figuring out the whole hoppy, dark beer thing, but I’m loving my journey so far. I have a post coming up on FFF sharing some of my favorite breweries in the Twin Cities, so be on the lookout for that if you live in Minneapolis. Thanks for listening.

34 Healthy Single-Serve Desserts

Back in 2014 (I think it was 2014!) I wrote my first e-book called 34 Healthy Single-Serve Desserts. If you’re anything like me, you HAVE to have something sweet after dinner or you just can’t fall asleep ? That’s why I created this e-book in the first place. So that you could have over 30 single-serve dessert options to satisfy your sweet tooth craving. Over the years I’ve forgotten about this amazing little gem of dessert recipes and today I am bringing it back.


Why I Drink Beer, an E-book Sale, + We're Hiring!

For just $2.99 (that’s $5.00 off!) you can have it all. Here’s more info about what’s inside!

34 healthy (and delicious!) single-serve dessert recipes made with whole, good for your ingredients. 30 of these recipes are brand new and 4 of them are Fit Foodie Finds favorites. 

  • 34 are gluten free
  • 19 are paleo (dairy free and grain free)
  • 19 are vegan
  • Nutrition information provided!

6 different categories of recipes

  1. Cookies
  2. Brownies and Blondies
  3. Cakes and Muffins
  4. Ice Cream and Mousse
  5. Pies and Tarts
  6. Miscellaneous

Why I Drink Beer, an E-book Sale, + We're Hiring!

The sale ends Monday at midnight. Get it here NOW!

We’re Hiring!

I continue to have the conversation over and over again about the fact that your degree doesn’t matter (in a lot of cases) and that what does, is your experiences. This is why Fit Foodie Finds is hiring an intern this fall (and likely every fall) so that we can give someone the experience of running a small business, being a content creator, and more!

Why I Drink Beer, an E-book Sale, + We're Hiring!

All of the information about the internship can be found HERE. But long story short…The Fit Foodie internship is happening this Fall from September-December. It is 15ish hours/week (5 hours in office with Team Fit Foodie) and PAID.

This candidate would ideally have a background in one of the following: communications, journalism, design, and/or business and is a motivated and energetic person who is ready to take initiative on many different Fit Foodie Finds projects. Criteria:

  • Journalism, communications, design, or business background preferred
  • Located in Minneapolis/St.Paul — able to be in office one day per week.
  • Open-minded and flexible to the start-up way of business.

Like I said, click HERE to find out more information about length, compensation, etc! Deadline for consideration: July 31st.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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