Why You’ll Never Catch Me Doing the Whole30


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time and I think there is no better time than now. I’m sure you’re thinking that based off the title of this post, I’m about to bash everything about the Whole30. Well, not really…I think it’s great for a number of reasons, HOWEVER, I did want to share with you why it’s not right for me.

The Whole30 is the latest health craze, but I'm not convinced. Read all about why you'll never catch me doing the Whole30 or any kind of detox!

As you know, I have a history of food and exercise obsession, an unhealthy one. We’re talking— that’s all I thought about day and night. Every second of my life revolved around what I was going to eat and what I wasn’t going to eat. Oh, and how I was going to burn it off. One thing that fueled this poor relationship was health and fitness trends and fads. I was totally one of those people that wanted a quick weight loss fix and would pretty much try anything in the media that claimed would help you decrease bloating and weight and increase muscle. I cut out milk for a while. I convinced myself I needed to be gluten-free. I tried to be paleo. The list goes on. Well, you know what? None of this helped my relationship with food and exercise, it actually made it worse. Why?

I fixated on what I COULDN’T have. Not what I could have.

Sound familiar?

Insert —> Whole30 (or any kind of “detox.”)

Whenever I follow someone that is doing Whole30, all they talk about is about what they’re going to do when they’re done with the detox. Or, that they made a beautiful meal packed with veggies and protein that DIDN’T have this, this, this, and this in it. I get that people getting amazing results with Whole30, but it’s something that you start and stop, not something that you implement for the rest of your life. I understand that Whole30 can teach you healthy habits, but again, there are so many restrictions involved that I know would set me back into that stage of life where all I did was fixate on what I couldn’t have.

Monique and I created Healthy Glow Co. because we’ve both been there. We’ve been the women that looked in the mirror and hated how we looked. HGG Reset is our newest nutrition program and I am so proud to stand behind this product because we believe in it 100%. The HGG Reset is exactly how we eat when we want to feel our best. It’s a four-week focus on nourishing your body with foods that work in your favor while stripping back what weighs you down. There aren’t any “yes/no” lists, but we’ve intentionally designed this program to help you establish a new, sustainable eating pattern with healthy, satisfying food that tastes as good as it makes you feel!

I’m going to be honest, HGG Reset has a lot of the same principals as Whole30. It promotes…

  • Tons of greens
  • Protein!
  • Low sugar
  • Fibrous snacks

The Whole30 is the latest health craze, but I'm not convinced. Read all about why you'll never catch me doing the Whole30 or any kind of detox!

The main difference between HGG Reset and Whole30 is that there are no DO/DON’T lists. We get that life is life and you only get one to live. Why would you choose to restrict yourself from certain things especially if they are healthy (like legumes, grains, fruit, and other natural sugars)? The HGG Reset provides you the tools to create healthy habits, forever. PS: the above photo is my meal prep from week 1! It’s not a quick fix meal plan, it’s a forever meal plan. We take comfort foods and make them healthier. The HGG Reset will show you that cooking at home can be fun and enjoyable. The HGG Reset isn’t calorie-focused. It’s about being intuitive with your body, modifying as needed, and using this plan as a GUIDE to fuel your life with foods you love.

Again, I’m not bashing Whole30 or any other detox, I’m simply sharing why it’s not right for me. More power to you if it’s working for you! 

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With that said, I’d love to invite all of you to join Monique and me to our FREE webinar this Sunday at 8PM CST. Monique and I will be chatting more about why we don’t do detoxes, follow any specific diet, and restrict ourselves from ANYTHING. We’re also going to be answering any questions you have about the HGG Reset if you’re still on the fence. So? Secure your spot HERE!

That’s all I got for you. Again, more power to you if you’re doing the Whole30, I just thought I’d share some of my thoughts on why it’s not a good fit for ME. Remember, we are all different ?


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